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20100222 Ducati Logo VectorDucati is best known for high-performance motorcycles characterized by large-capacity four-stroke, 90° V-twin engines, now supplemented with the new V4 range, all featuring a desmodromic valvedesign.Modern Ducatis remain among the dominant performance motorcycles available today partly because of the desmodromic valve design, which is nearing its 50th year of use. 
20150425 Scrambler Word LogoThe Ducati Scrambler is an L-twin engined standard or roadster motorcycle made by Ducati.The Scrambler was introduced at the 2014 Intermot motorcycle show, with Sales beginning in 2015.The Scrambler name and design concept are a revival of the Scrambler line of dual-sport singles made from 1962–1974.
 20140327 Indian Motorcycle Logo PMSIndian Motorcycle are an American brand of motorcycles originally produced from 1901 to 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.n 2011, Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycles and merged operations into their existing facilities in Minnesota and Iowa. Since August 2013, Polaris has marketed multiple modern Indian motorcycles that reflect Indian Motorcycle's traditional styling.
 Vict20130515 New Victory Logoory Motorcycles was an American motorcycle manufacturer with its final assembly facility in Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, northwestern Iowa, United States. It began production of its vehicles in 1998, and began winding down operations in January 2017 as parent Polaris Industries focused on developing the Indian Motorcycle range. While new bikes are no longer available, we often have great used examples available for sale 
Sherco Logo Blue2Sherco is a French and Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, specializing in off-road motorcycles including trials, enduro and supermoto bikes.
The company was founded in 1998, and currently has two production facilities. A factory in Caldes de Montbui, Spain, close to Barcelona produces trials bikes. Enduro and supermoto bikes are built at a factory in Nîmes, France, close to Italy
 SWM logoSV.VM (Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano) was an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1971 by Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani, producing Observed Trials, Enduro, Motocross and off-road motorcycles in the 1970s & 80s.SWM was relaunched in 2014 by Engineer Ampelio Macchi, formerly with Cagiva, Aprilia and Husqvarna, and funded by the Chines Shineray Group.SWM are manufactured in Italy at Biandronno near Varese, in the old Husqvarna factory, with engines acquired from Husqvarna.

LambrettaLambretta is the brand name of motor scooters, initially manufactured in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti. The name is derived from the word Lambrate, the suburb of Milan named after the river which flows through the area, and where the factory was located. Innocenti S.A. (known as Lambretta Consortium) based in Lugano, Switzerland is the owner of the international trademark Lambretta. As of 2017, the Lambretta Consortium has re-launched the "Lambretta V-Special" models.1898 Birth of the listed company Automobiles & Cycles Peugeot, at the 7th Cycle and Automobile Exhibition, Peugeot Motocycles presented the first motorbike. From this point on, the company was considered a French manufacturer of cars and motorcycles


PMTC Logo Horizontal Blue BackgroundPeugeot is the oldest Motorcycle and Scooter manufacturer in the world.

Founded in 1898, the listed company Automobiles & Cycles Peugeot, at the 7th Cycle and Automobile Exhibition, presented the first motorbike. From this point on, the company was considered a French manufacturer of cars and motorcycles


benelli logo corporate rev copyThe Benelli company’s ability to build unique Italian motorcycles for the road and track, has been revered in the world of motorcycle engineering for over 100 years.

Since the beginning of the Industrial age, Benelli has progressively brought new designs and performance to their motorcycles to the enthralled public, and spawned a growing passion in those fortunate enough to own one.


SUPER SOCO LOGO ELEC WHITE BOTH copySuoer Soco is a division of Vmoto Limited, a global scooter manufacturing and distribution group. The Company specialises in high quality electric powered two-wheel vehicles and manufactures a range of western designed electric scooters from its wholly owned 30,000sqm state of the art manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China. Suoper Soco combines low cost Chinese manufacturing capabilities with European design and offers high performance and competitive products to international markets.