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Streetfighter V4 Red Y20 01 Carosello 677x740The Panigale V4, stripped of its fairings and with high, wide handlebars. This, in short, is the underlying concept of the new Streetfighter V4, a bike that magnifies the thrill of the ride every time it takes to the road.

The result? An unrivalled naked bristling with cutting-edge technology and an awe-inspiring design that oozes pure performance.

Joker face

The minimalist full-LED headlight captures the spirit of the Streetfighter V4 perfectly. On the one hand, it recalls the front of the Panigale V4 and, on the other, evokes the crazy grin of the Joker (the comic strip character from which the Ducati Style Center drew inspiration for this new Bologna-built naked). Already featured on the Panigale V4 and SuperSport, the V-shaped DRL is another clear Ducati hallmark.Streetfighter V4 Y20 Aerodinamica 01 Editorial 16 9 1920x1080

The magic of Aerodynamics

Fast, agile mixed-road performance demands maximum stability at high speed and when braking, reduced wheel-up during acceleration and minimised electronic control of the suspension set-up: that's why Ducati Corse specialists have, together with the Ducati Style Centre, developed biplane wings for the Streetfighter V4.

The aerodynamics were developed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation. The calculation method involved stationary simulation of flow and pressure to achieve increased downforce, especially on the front wheel.

To reduce lateral protrusion as much as possible, the aerodynamics team decided to adopt a 'biplane' configuration of limited 'wingspan' with upper and lower wings working independently.Streetfighter V4 Y20 Aerodinamica 01 Editorial 16 9 1920x1080

Each appendage can be described as a square-plan mono-wing with a winglet on its outer tip. Moreover, the wings have been positioned as close as possible to the front wheel (near the radiator side panels) to maximise the anti wheel-up effect.

These aerodynamic appendages generate 28 kg of downforce at 270 kph (20 kg on the front wheel, 8 kg on the rear). The wings also help draw heat off the engine by increasing water and oil radiator throughflow speeds by 2% and 10% respectively.

Panigale V4 916 Anniversario MY20 04 Gallery Studio 906x510

Front Frame

The Streetfighter V4 features the Front-Frame - an offshoot of Ducati's extensive experience in MotoGP - which uses the Desmosedici Stradale engine as a load-bearing member.

Compared to traditional perimeter frames the main lay-out difference is that the engine is used as a structural chassis element. Weighing just 4 kg, the compact Front-Frame is attached directly to the upper crankcase of the front cylinder bank and the cylinder head of the rear bank; the V4 crankcase also provides the rear suspension attachment point and the single-sided swingarm pivot mount.

The key advantage of the Ducati Front-Frame is that it uses the Desmosedici Stradale engine to achieve the desired stiffness: this has resulted in significantly lower main frame length and weight and a better stiffness/weight ratio. Moreover, the struts alongside the engine have been shortened, making bike design more compact, especially in the rider's seat area.

Completing the chassis is the under-seat Trellis subframe, attached to the Front-Frame at the top and bolted to the head of the rear cylinder bank below.

The rear suspension linkage mechanism is attached to the Desmosedici Stradale engine via a forged aluminium bracket. The linkage reacts to movements imparted by a cast aluminium high-truss swingarm.

Steering geometry features a 24.5° rake and 100 mm trail.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 elected the ‘Most Beautiful Bike’ at EICMA 2019!

The Streetfighter V4 was selected as "Most Beautiful Bike of the Show” at EICMA 2019, the world’s most important trade fair of the sector. The verdict was decreed by the general public, which participated in large numbers, crowding the pavilions of the Milan-Rho International Fair in its five days of opening, and who voted at the Show or online.

The "Vote and win the most beautiful bike of the Show" competition, organized by the Italian magazine Motociclismo in collaboration with EICMA, reached its fifteenth edition this year, and for Ducati this is the tenth victory. Over 14,500 enthusiasts expressed their preference and the Streetfighter V4 was the most voted motorcycle by both visitors to the Fair and users of the Motociclismo site. The new super-naked Ducati took first place with 36.7% of voters and a considerable advantage over the second-placed bike.